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Listings for Car Care & Cleaning (10)

Car Care & Cleaning solutions in Kenya, Car wash accessories in Kenya



B52 General Lubricant-400ml

General lubricant on all types of equipment, such as tools, dies, jigs, fixtures, automotive engines and parts. Fast-acting penetrant to loosen frozen nuts, bolts etc.

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ABRO Engine Degreaser-Non Flammable-510g

Quickly penetrates and dissolves dirt, grease and grime form auto, marine and industrial engines. Simply Spray on, wait 5 minutes and rinse off with water. […]

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Blazer Dashboard Shine- 500ml

Cleans and preserves vinly, plastic and rubber articles from damage of UV rays and high heat. It guards against cracking and fading. Eliminates static electricity […]

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Turtle ClearVue Glass Clean-500ml

Suitable for interior and exterior use on all glass, chrome and mirrored surfaces, this ammonia free solution effortlessly cuts through traffic film, dirt, grease, oil, […]

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Astonish Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner-750ml

Astonish Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner is a superb high foaming, ready to use product which is excellent for cleaning your car’s carpets, fabric seats and […]

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F1 Car Interior Protectant- For shiny Leather, Rubber, Vinyl, Plastic-315ml...

Freshen your car’s interior as you shine and protect it. FORMULA 1’s special time-release fragrance keeps your car interior smelling fresh and eliminates smoke and […]

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Turtle Upholstery & Carpet Cleaner-Removes dirt, Odours & Stains-50...

Upholstery & Carpet Cleaner contains a deep cleaning foaming formula to penetrate every fibre and remove dirt, odours and stains from all types of carpet […]

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Astonish Engine Degreaser-Removes all oil & grime-750ml

Astonish Engine Degreaser is specially formulated for removing oil, grease and grime from car and motorcycle engines. This easy to use formula will dissolve built-up […]

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Turtle High Gloss Car Wax-500ml

High gloss car wax is a unique combination of waxes and gloss polymers, to create a brilliant, lasting shine. Easy to apply, High Gloss Wax […]

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Astonish Vinyl Trim & Dashboard Cleaner-750ml

Astonish Vinyl Trim & Dashboard Cleaner has been specially formulated to clean and protect the interior trim of your car. It will leave surfaces with […]

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